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VR4Max News

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New Features in v7.8x

Supports Autodesk 3ds Max 2017, 2016 , 2015 & 2014

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New Features in v7.7x

Supports Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 , 2014 & 2013

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New Features in V7.6x:

Supports Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 & tidligere


Atmosphere System

LUA Script Engine

ODE physics engine further improved for optimal multi-threaded performance.


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New Features in V6 & later:

Improved multi-threading render engine

VR4MAX R6.0 is optimized for multi threading and multi core processors because of the current tendency

to developing multi core instead of faster processors.

Fully integrated ODE physics s engine

Bring your VR world to life by adding rigid body dynamics to your model without any programming involved.

Using VR4MAX helpers in 3ds Max you can add rigid bodies to your design,

specify physical properties such as mass and damping.

They can be linked together with all types of joints (ball, sliding, universal, angular motor, etc) -

setup their geometric representation for the fully integrated collision detection system

(supporting friction, bouncing, etc), and your simulation is ready for action.

Simply export your design to the VR4MAX virtual environment and your model will come to life.

Archvision RPC 3.17.1 support

The latest version of Archvision RPC “Rich Photorealistic Content” is now supported.

Hardware accelerated character Animation

VR4MAX Translator now exports your character animations and other meshes

rigged with skin and/or physique modifiers to the real-time VR4MAX environment

and allows you to select shader based hardware accelerated bones and skins f

or the best render performance and visual quality on the latest graphics cards.

Infinite water object

The new water object allows you to add a highly realistic infinite

water surface to your design complete with waves and reflections.

Real-time wires

The new Wire object allows you to add dynamic wires into your model.

The Wire object can be connected to other objects and has properties like

 thickness and length, and can be shown in VR4MAX as a polyline or spline .

Enhanced Sessions for recording and playback in VR4MAX Navigator Pro

In release 6.0 the Session functionality is enhanced with the Session Restore Point functionality.

By creating a restore point you can jump forwards and backwards in time while playing back your session.

You can also decide to start recording from any restore point.

In addition the new external storage feature allows creating and playing long sessions.

Since all session information can be streamed to an external file the length of a session

is only limited by the space available on the hard disk.

The Translator is extended with a feature to store the unique IDs of the objects

in your vmx file inside your 3ds Max design so the sessions you created will remain compatible even after a new export.

Improved VR4MAX Translator

Creating interactive 3D content has never been easier. VR4MAX is valued

by its users for its efficient, robust and timesaving integration with Autodesk 3ds Max.

In Release 6.0 the Translator is further improved with the following features:

The new Calculate Angle helper object gives feedback on the angle between two objects.

The new Calculate Distance helper object gives feedback on the distance between two objects.

The VMX2MAX import module now allows converting LODs to normal objects by

selecting the highest LOD level or the level with the largest number of triangles.

The VMX2MAX now adds an option to ignore the vertex colors that sometimes are

generated when importing VMX files that originate from Open Flight databases.

The VR4MAX Properties dialog is extended with properties to limit the automatic

clipping calculated values for eye separation and convergence distance.

The VR4MAX General Options dialog is extended with a number of options

that allow you to store the unique IDs of the objects in your vmx file inside the MAX design so the

next export your objects get exactly the same unique IDs and your sessions will remain compatible.

 More functionality in VR4MAX Generator

Extra functionality that was previously available in separate

“Option Packs” is now included in standard VR4MAX Generator:

(Previously Option 1: )

 Stereo rendering for most stereoscopic formats

Tree manipulation (basic digital mockup)

 Redlining for adding comments to your model

Static and dynamic measuring tool

(Previously Option 3:)

 Archvision RPC support for rich photorealistic content

 (Previously Option 4:)

Basic support of peripherals, like pointing and tracking devices

(see the Advanced Options for TrackD and Polhemus Patriot USB support)

 (Previously Option 6:)

Augmented reality: Integrate your VR models in the real world

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